Amelia Guillem (ameliaguillem) wrote in careers,
Amelia Guillem

Brand new career advice community!

Are you successful in a career? In your job? Professionally polished? Published some career-related advice elsewhere? Are you a career coach? Like giving career advice? Want to help people succeeded professionally? Aware of the changing career trends that people must be aware of?

Then this community is for you!


Instead of the community being a boring a Q & A forum, it will consist of only advice (of course but with questions every now and then). Think of the community as an open bulletin with the difference that people can comment on them. The community will emulate that of professional blogs but also a place to have fun. Oh! You don't have to be a working professional, anybody with a decent job can join. The community needs good career advice. That is all.

The reason why I created this community because career trends are changing drastically especially for the 21st century and young professionals like me must be aware of this. Advice of the older generation may not be as useful anymore because technology is constantly changing and therefore it affects the workplace. It isn't unusual for employees to have a MySpace or Facebook account and updating them on company premises so it's important to know how things like this affect career trends.
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